The Solo Explorer

The Modern All-in-One System for growing, streamlining and more.

Quickly and easily review all key areas of your trades business, identifying areas that require improvement or prevent problems that are costly in time and money.

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One place to keep your business productive and thriving.

No matter the stage of your trades business, The Solo Explorer's all-in-one system gives you the tools you need to maximise profits and eliminate risks at your fingertips.

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Cross Streamlined work flow
Cross Enhanced efficiency
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Let's unlock the power of your business with The Solo Explorer.

Compare the difference:

Features Business Consultant The Solo Explorer
Cost of Product Cross £10,000 +VAT Tick £200 +VAT
Business Review Cross 100 hours+ Tick From as little as 1 hour, depending on your work rate
Business Review Report Cross Detailed 60-100 page report Tick None – We know this is too complex and isn't read
Action List Cross No Tick Yes, you need to know what to do to make a difference
Time Saved After Actions Implemented Tick 8 hours per week Tick 8 hours per week
Money Saved After Actions Implemented Cross If you can understand what they say Tick £1000s per month based on current clients
Features Business Consultant
Cost of product £10,000+ Cross
Business Review 100 hours+ Cross
Business Review Report Detailed report of 60-100 pages Cross
Action List No Cross
Time saved after actions implemented 8 hours per week Tick
Money saved after actions implemented If you can understand what they say Cross

Say goodbye to complexity and hello to clarity.

Embrace a competitive edge and embark on a path towards success with confidence.

No Support

No change in money
No Change

Spending the same time and money with no gain.

No change in time
No Change

Working the same hours and achieving the same.

No change in outcome
No Change

Without an Action List you may never reach your goals.

The Solo Explorer

Make more money
Make Money

Find out why and how you can increase your income.

Save more time
Build Faster

Know what to do to drive your business forward.

Change the outcome
Work Smarter

Understand how to achieve the outcome you want.

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Empower Your Business with Quick Answers & Lasting Growth.

As a small business owner, you know that there are always areas for improvement in your business. But with so much to manage on a daily basis, it can be hard to find the time to step back and assess your business as a whole.

That's where The Solo Explorer comes in. Our all-in-1 system allows you to quickly and easily review all key areas of your business, giving you instant solutions.

System Questions System Responses

The Solo Explorer uses simple questions and multiple choice answers. B.R.I.A.N responds to your choices instantly with helpful tips and advice along the way.

With The Solo Explorer, you can feel reassured that your business can succeed in the long term. Our system provides you with an Action List containing urgent and important actions to take, so you can start making improvements right away.

Action List

The Solo Explorer

£200 +VAT

One Off Payment

Review of 12 Key Trades Business Areas
Key Urgent & Important Actions